Executive and Leadership Coaching

Who are our clients?

Our clients are ready to transform their lives and leadership.


  • have a willingness to explore their own self in bringing about change in their lives.
  • often come to us when they are exhausted and depleted, and they are beginning to see that in order to scale themselves and their organisations they will have to become a different type of leader.
  • are ready to do the work of self-actualisation. They are willing to be open and vulnerable and to explore their unsorted baggage.
  • are interested in the root cause of patterns and understand how it’s important to break those patterns in order to grow.


All our coaches and advisors are  ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited Coach

Coaching journeys

Execution experience and understanding human behaviour.

Inquiry – This means that we ask questions. A lot of questions. Open questions. Probing and incisive questions. Questions designed to help you observe yourself on the playing field of life and work. Get ready to be asked some incisive, sometimes challenging, always intended-to-support-growth questions.

Mirroring – What we mean by mirroring in this context is simply sharing back with you what we are observing. We’ll share with you the patterns we are seeing. We’ll share with you the changes in your observable physiology (body language), if and when it’s relevant and helpful. We’ll remind you of things you’ve said or committed to. Again, it’s all about helping you observe yourself on the playing field.

Relevant Context – There are two ways that we bring relevant context to bear on the coaching relationship. The first is that we have been trained in approaches that help us understand human behaviour and intra- and interpersonal dynamics. The second is that we are familiar with the unique context of being an entrepreneur, founder, executive, or individual contributor in the world of startups, scaling/growth-stage companies, venture, etc. The combination of these two elements help us zone in and focus on the right questions to be asking. 

How we go about coaching


All of our coaching and advisory engagements are month to month and the investment varies based on the number/length of sessions. However, a fairly typical engagement is 2 x 60-minute sessions per month or 2 x 90-minute sessions per month which include support on an as-needed basis.

If required, we could involve your leader for a kick off to understand where we can support. And potentially, we add a 360 degree assessment to your process.

Coaching inquiry

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