The future of leadership is human

Ecological uncertainty, technological disruptions and challenging consumer demands are creating unprecedented rates of change.

In response, leaders have worked to increase organizational agility, hoping to foster innovation and shorten routes to market.

However, most companies have not yet created an environment that truly prepares them to reap the rewards of agility. Often, the organizational ways of working have been shaped by leadership that emphasizes on functional excellence over agility, as well as systems that favor risk aversion above risk-taking.

What is needed is leadership that can create a safe and humane environment where people can be themselves and naturally adapt to evolving circumstances.

Our coaching and development programs help leaders and employees to master the skill of human leadership and conscious team transformation.

We will assist you with honest mirroring and systemic learning.
We will assist you in creating companies people want to work at.
We will assist you in becoming the leader people want to work for.

About our founder

Drs. Ad Boon has been a Senior Executive HR at 4 multinational companies in the Technology, Industrial, Healthcare and Aviation Industries, and his experience includes 25+ years working with (private equity) businesses in the areas of Executive Coaching, Team Development, Leadership Development, (digital) Transformational Management and Change Management. His background includes executive P&L business experience including a 63 million euro budget. He has a MSc Business Administration background. ICF Performance Coach / Training certification, and practical application of strategies, methods, and tools to solve business and leadership challenges.

Ad has lived and worked in Europe, the US, Asia, and the Middle East. He travels extensively to meet up clients at the location of their choice, and is also available virtually in several online meeting platforms.

With his wife, they currently live in The Netherlands with their 6 children.

ICF accredited Coach