Conscious Team Transformations

Brining your team together.
Honestly. Personally. Really.

One of the most satisfying moments in organizational life is when team members finally get each other and the work between them becomes less of an effort. 1:1 coaching often begins with a focus on individuals and their moments of stress, their existential challenges, their formational experiences we often refer to as “crucible times.” The same is true for teams.

Team Experiences work is highly customized and varies depending on the team’s needs. For some clients, it means a steady one-on-one presence with key individuals at the same organisation, enabling the process to benefit from the multiple perspectives that can be shared. For others, it means working with entire groups simultaneously with the coach holding the container for the work, facilitating deeper understandings and communication.

At its root, the challenge of managing teams is really a challenge of communication: we all benefit from learning to speak in a way that we can be heard and listen so that we can understand.

I’m here to support you and your team members in bringing forth the best that you have, using everything that emerges from organisational life (both challenges and successes) as opportunities to grow.