Care Spaces

Care spaces

Our Care Spaces© are created based on the idea that mind and body are one, reflecting our perspective of looking at humans as a whole, including mind, body, and spirit. Care Spaces© are used as a tool to help create awareness around topics concerning Cognitive Flexibility, Health, Recovery, Movement.

Creating awareness around caring of your mind, body, and spirit has a direct impact on your performance and state of being. This support focuses on developing our leaders’ Cognitive Flexibility through mindfulness and meditation. Cognitive Flexibility is a skill that is helpful in being resilient in stressful and constantly changing times. How do we deal with a pandemic while working from home, striving to be a patient parent, AND being the creative employee who is constantly available? There are lots of examples of the current challenges we as humans face and we help deliver a few tools to face these challenges with.

Care Spaces©  works best when integrated into our coaching programs, which can include Mindfulness Workshops and a 5 Day Meditation Challenge. We are now looking into the other Care Spaces©, including Strategic Recovery through Sleep, Fueling Health through Nutrition, and Gaining Energy through Movement. We are looking forward to gaining more knowledge around these topics as we believe healthy minds live in healthy bodies.

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