Galina Jeffrey

Executive Coach

I am an Executive Coach and I have had the opportunity to work with leaders all over the world. I have blended my deep knowledge of Leadership Development along with the experience of having been a global leader – building a business, a team, and a portfolio of clients. As I reflect on my career, one theme that runs through every role I have had is that I like to build vs taking on an established role that needs to be maintained.

Investing time in coaching deserves an ROI and I have a strong passion and commitment to work with my clients in a way that supports them in that journey.  We all can transform ourselves when we focus, have an opportunity to pause, gain insight and experiment with a new way of showing up as a leader for more powerful outcomes.

My clients have told me that I am able to understand their context, build trust with them quickly, challenge without judgement and engage them in ways that helps them expand their self-awareness and their understanding of the impact they have as a leader.  They also tell me that the work we do together has benefited their personal life.

I was born in Europe and my family immigrated to the US where I did most of my growing up and schooling.  My first language was Russian, and my working language is English. I have lived and worked in Europe, several countries in Asia and across the US.  My work has taken me to just about every continent in the world and that has provided me with many invaluable experiences.  I am now based in the Boston area where I enjoy spending time with my family outdoors(even in winter.)

I am a lifetime learner and invest in ongoing development.  My formal education was in Russian Studies and Adult Education furthered by additional study of Organizational Development.  I entered my Corporate career in Learning and Development and then took on an Executive role in HR followed by a shift to an Executive running multi functions and then as Global Business leader.  I am certified as a coach by the International Coaching Federation and my continuing education in the study of Neuroscience augments my ability to help people towards sustainable behavioral shifts.