Building a relationship based upon trust

I often get the question: “How do I get the people I work with to trust me?”

And I do have a personal preferred question I use to make people understand that I care for them, that they matter to me and that I am worthy of their trust.

But before I ask the question, and before I advise you to ask that same question to the people you want really connect with, ask yourself these questions:

Am I willing to really listen?
Do I really intent to listen?
Do I intent to be good to the person who is with me?
Do I intent to do good for the person who is with me?

Are you prepared to just give somebody some of your time today, being really present, to listen to whatever that person has to say, and to do so without judgement?

If you are, then my council would be to talk first about whatever it is you need to discuss in your call, or your meeting, take a pauze, take a deep breath, look at the person in front of you in the eye with no judgement, and ask:

Are you ok?

Try it. Be worthy of their trust. Be kind. They would do the same for you.